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Hollywood's Destination for Health!

Jara Chiropractic Inc. is Hollywood's premier natural wellness medical office, we are dedicated to Pain Relief and Healthy Living! Dr. Jennifer Jara, D.C. has become the go to Chiropractor for the Hollywood industry.

Dr. Jara's office utilizes the utmost advanced  technology for  natural healing. Our treatments have been fully researched and proven effective. This practice delivers the balance between western knowledge and eastern healing in a beautiful office that is engaging and serene.

We are a family practice with clients of all ages specializing in pain relief of neck pain, low back pain,  headaches, arthritis, joint pains, sports injuries and various degenerative conditions.

Most importantly our office treats back pain caused by sciatica, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, failed back surgeries, facet syndrome and various types of disc herniations, bulges, protrusions and extrusions.

Back pain afflicts millions of Americans each day which goes unresolved over time therefore leading to approximately 1/2 million back surgeries each year. This number is growing annually yet back pain is still present. Many people have recurrence of  back pain soon after they have surgery.

"Back pain is the #1 leading cause of disability in America so it is imperative for patients to find an office like ours that can actually help  them or guide them  to the next  best option to treat their particular condition and improve their current state of health. We do this by treating the whole patient not just the symptoms or ailing body parts with all the best technology, individualized treatments, body chemistry and tons of experience"

Dr. Jara's practice philosophy is "Natural is Our Niche". All treatments rendered whether they are for pain relief, correction or wellness care are done 100% naturally; NO drugs, surgeries or painful injections.

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To start living a Pain Free life today!

Patients seeking treatment at Jara Chiropractic, Inc. with Dr. Jennifer Jara, D.C. are assured of receiving only the finest quality care from a staff that have a genuine concern for your well-being and health!

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It's Your Life.....Live it in Health!
Take the step to living a Healthy, Happy Pain-Free Life!

Dr. Jennifer Jara, D.C. 
1507 No. Las Palmas Ave, Hollywood, Ca 90028
Hollywood Chiropractor | Jara Chiropractic, Inc. |  323-962-1035

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