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Dr. Jennifer Jara on TV & Radio!

Dr. Jennifer Jara, D.C. is passionate with helping to educate the public in regards to their health care options through mainstream media of television and radio show appearances. Her natural treatment options are for everyone with specialties in joint injuries, back pain, sports, family, pregnancy and children. If you are in pain and looking for a natural solution that works or the person that wants to support their healthy habits then Dr. Jara's unique treatment protocols provide the solutions for you and your loved ones.


Dr. Jara has been featured on the "The Doctors" tv show numerous times. Below are two example picture-videos from the tv show. Please click on the pictures to play videos. Once clicked, it will forward you to the tv shows website and the videos will start to play automatically. 

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Pictured Above:
Dr. Jara explaining Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
Pictured Below:
Dr. Jara explaining how cold laser therapy works.


Dr. Jara's most recent television appearances are on the daily national syndicated tv show on KCAL called "The Doctors". The example episode to the left is titled "Can it be Cured". Dr. Jara was featured on the show to discuss effective treatments for  back pain, disc herniations and degenerative disc disease using advanced technology today of  Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression.    

Dr. Jara explained how she uses this non-invasive technology in her office to help patients finally get rid of back pain!

The discussion to the upper left was focused on the treatment of various types of disc herniations for the neck and low back pain. The discussion to the lower left was focused on Erchonia cold laser treatment for neck and shoulder pain.

Dr. Jara treated patients with different technologies, Erchonia cold laser therapy and DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression machine.

In each video above Dr. Jara explains the treatments step by step with actual patients that were then followed by in-studio patient success stories.


Dr. Jara has been featured on CBS and KCAL television. The most recent news piece can be seen in the cbs2 library online. Search under "celebrity chiropractors with cool gadgets" or click on the link below. When the page pops up you will see two pop-up windows, click the one on the far right side displaying the play icon and the video news piece will automatically begin after the commercial.

                          KLSX CBS Radio

"Cracking Down on Pain with Doc Hollywood"


Dr. Jennifer Jara, D.C. and CBS radio broadcasting together created a radio show called "Cracking Down on Pain with Doc Hollywood" that was featured on 97.1 FM KLSX in Southern California from 2006-2008. The weekly live show was dedicated to helping callers get answers to their health related questions. Dr. Jara and co-host Sam Phillips helped callers find "natural" solutions that worked. The show was fun and educational with a focused emphasis on the latest technology available for medical treatment.

Dr. Jara continues to help educate the public and is currently in development of a podcast, webisodes and entertainment media. Dr. Jara's is available for speaking engagements. If you would like Dr. Jara to come speak at your facility please call the office at 323-962-1035.

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