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Page is under construction. Please call our office directly for any question you have regarding Chiropractic during pregnancy and with Chiropractic for Kids.

Content coming soon.....

            Webster Technique: A specific Chiropractic adjustment to optimize fetal positioning in preparation for birth. Please click on the Webster-Pregnancy tab for further details and information.

            Having a healthy pregnancy and child.

            How to keep your babies and family healthy the Natural way. 

            "Bent is the twig SO grows the tree" especially when it comes to little people.

            Scoliosis home screening for children of all ages and treatment options as seen on "The Doctors" tv show. Please click on the Scoliosis tab for further details and information 

For more Pediatric Chiropractic information and to locate a Pediatric Chiropractor near you please visit the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association website at  www.icpa4kids.com

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